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Peter Verwayen
BlueJeans by Verizon
VP, Product Management

Speaker Bio

An original member of the BlueJeans team over 10 years ago, Peter runs the product management team for the entire suite of BlueJeans services. In his words, "Those that know me will tell you that creating products is an emotional endeavor for me. My PMs joke about wanting to deliver product features that tear me up. What they don’t know is that it’s their triumph that bring me tears of joy. Nothing beats the energy of working hard with a team and experiencing wins together; a win that is truly differentiated."

Speaker Events

 Get Ready for Digital Transformation  Our three keynote speakers lead an interesting discussion on the future of video technology in corporate communications.  Learn about the platforms you can use today and their evolution to give you an immersive experience for your hybrid workforce, customers and prospects.

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Learn the right way to run a virtual roundtable discussion  The roundtable format is ideal for organizations that need to make important decisions and want to engage in group discussion. A virtual roundtable is a great way to hear the ideas and opinions of others in a convenient format. If done correctly, roundtable discussions bring relevant people to an important topic. As a group, they will find a direction and a strategy that they all agree on and can pursue. 

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